Venturing Abroad in 2024! Zoncare At Arab Health 2024


On February 1st, the 49th Arab Health Exhibition came to a successful close at the Dubai World Trade Centre. As one of China's renowned manufacturers in ultrasound and cardiac monitoring, Zoncare made a debut with new products in Dubai, showcasing the strength of Chinese medical device manufacturing and enhancing international influence.



Technological Leadership Empowering Innovation

Zoncare has been focusing on ultrasound and cardiac fields for nearly two decades, investing over 20% in research and development annually. Not only do we strive for excellence in quality, but also place high importance on user needs, continuously driving product innovation and advancement. At this exhibition, Zoncare's new products once again captured the attention of international visitors, who eagerly inquired and experienced. The latest color Doppler ViV 40/M70 features the new Imaging platform, utilizing a new CPU+GPU+FPGA hardware architecture and upgraded software architecture. With multiple advanced application functions, it can realize customized solutions for obstetrics, vascular, cardiac, and more, providing a richer, precise, and efficient clinical experience.

The ECG product line is comprehensive, featuring not only the classic iMAC series but also the upcoming latest ECG products E12/E120, which made a splendid appearance. Their user-friendly and streamlined design, comprehensive and efficient workflow, and enhanced performance parameters attracted many new and old friends, who actively inquired about product updates.



Building the "Belt and Road" Together

The attendees at Arab Health mainly hailed from the Middle East and North Africa regions, countries involved in the "Belt and Road" initiative. Zoncare has long been involved in the grand construction of the "Health Silk Road," establishing distribution networks in several countries along the lines like India and Egypt, continuously cultivating markets. We have brought high-quality, cost-effective ultrasound and cardiac monitoring products to local medical institutions, benefiting the local communities and effectively expanding their overseas business. At the exhibition, we engaged in deep discussions with numerous partners, exploring new possibilities for localized medical cooperation, aiming to continually enhance the local medical diagnostic standards. Looking forward to continued collaboration in the coming year to create brilliance together.


Continuing the Past and Writing a New Chapter

At the grand opening of 2024, Zoncare's quality products and excellent services received high recognition from on-site customers, boosting confidence and motivating us to stay true to our original aspirations and continue striving. In the future, Zoncare will persist in exploring innovation, steadfastly focusing on being specialized, refined, extensive, and strong in the ultrasound and cardiac product lines, spreading the gospel of Chinese smart manufacturing to every corner of the world.



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