Zoncare At MEDICA 2023


On November 16, 2023,MEDICA 2023 concluded successfully in Dusseldorf, Germany. Over 4,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions worldwide attended as scheduled. Zoncare showcased its star products in ultrasound and electrocardiography, engaging with international partners to explore the forefront of medical technology.



With eighteen years of dedicated development, Zoncare has established two core product lines in ultrasound and electrocardiography, continuously innovating and introducing powerful generations of products that have attracted a wide consumer base.

The latest addition to the mid-to-high-end color Doppler "ViV" series, the ViV 40, has undergone significant upgrades in image quality and processors, achieving superior image quality, enhanced performance, and a more intelligent core, providing a premium user experience.

The new member of the portable color Doppler "M" series, the M70, is lightweight and portable, equipped with advanced features, delivering ultra-clear imaging and a streamlined appearance, meeting the needs of various mobile ultrasound clinical scenarios effectively.

The iMAC series digital electrocardiograph machines utilize the cardiac algorithm from the University of Glasgow in the UK, offering more precise automatic diagnoses and leading the industry in diagnosing ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctions.






Zoncare's booth attracted the attention of numerous professionals who stopped by to learn about and experience the products, engaging in in-depth discussions with us and highly praising our products and technology.

This exhibition was not only a platform for product exchanges but also a friendly meeting with international medical peers. Meeting both new and old friends made us feel a sense of closeness, deepening strategic partnerships and providing further inspiration.




Rooted in China and with a global perspective, Zoncare has participated in international events for many years, continuously advancing its overseas development and exploring the forefront of international medical technology.

The medical field in international markets is fiercely competitive with vast opportunities. Zoncare will persist in technical innovation and product quality, enhancing international competitiveness to offer superior products and services to more institutions and users, contributing to the development of the medical industry.

Looking towards the future, let us advance hand in hand! See you again next year in Dusseldorf!




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